Oklahoma State University

Dzialowski Lab at Oklahoma State University


Research in our lab explores how biotic interactions, resource availability, and disturbance influence the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems.

We combine laboratory, observational, and experimental studies to address several major themes:

  • Metacommunity dynamics
  • Ecology of invasive species
  • Zooplankton community structure
  • Ecology and management of cyanobacterial blooms
  • Applied water quality and reservoir management
  • Wetland ecology and management 





Lab News and Updates





  • Our research with Jason as the lead author on reference wetland conditions was accepted for publication in Wetlands (August)
  • Steve's thesis research was accepted for publication at Limnologica (August)
  • Our paper with Jim Long (USGS, OSU) as the lead author on bighead carp suitability in reservoirs was accepted for publication in Management of Biological Invasions (July)
  • Andy, Bill, and Jason presented at the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Portland, OR (May)
  • Our paper on zooplankton assembly and mesocosms from Poland was accepted for publicaiton in the Journal of Limnology (May)
  • Bill presented at the Southwestern Association of Naturalist meeting in Stillwater, OK (April)
  • Andy and Jason presented at the Oklahoma Clean Lakes and Watersheds Association meeting about our wetlands research (April)
  • Andy gave an invited presentation at the Kansas Rural Water Association meeting in Wichita, KS on zebra mussels (March)
  • Bill presented at the Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology meeting in Austin, TX (January)
  • Our paper with Nate Gosch (USACE) as the lead author on floodplain inundation of the Missouri River was published in Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (link) (January)