Oklahoma State University

Research in Aquatic Ecology

Dzialowski Lab

Oklahoma State University


Research in our lab explores how biotic interactions, resource availability, and anthropogenic disturbances interact to influence the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems. My students and I combine laboratory, observational, and experimental studies to address several major themes:


  • Metacommunity dynamics
  • Ecology of invasive species
  • Zooplankton community structure
  • Ecology and management of cyanobacterial blooms
  • Applied water quality and reservoir management
  • Wetland ecology and management 








We are currently recruiting 1-2 graduate students (masters or PhD) to start in our lab either summer or fall 2018. Potentially areas of research include plankton ecology, invasive species, and/or wetlands. Please email me your interests and a copy of your current cv if you are interested.