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Andy Dzialowski - Principle Investigator


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MausbachBill Mausbach - Ph.D. Student

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Greg Winkler - M.S. Student

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Bobby Bowser - M.S. Student

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Lab Alumni

Felicia Osburn  (M.S., graduated May 2017) Project: Nutrient limitation in Oklahoma reservoirs.

Current Position: PhD Student, Baylor


Anthony Burger  (M.S., graduated May 2016) Project: Effects of phosphorous enrichment on zebra mussels.

Current Position: Instructor.


Jason Bried  (Ph.D., graduated December 2015) Project: Effects multistate species occurrence on community-based inference and applications.

Current Position: Post Doc, University of Arkansas.


Josh Crane (M.S., graduated July 2014) Project: Evaluation of EPA Level I, II, and III assessments and the effects of land use on wetland communities.

Current Position: Michigan Department of Natural Resources.


Steve Nikolai (M.S., graduated July 2012) Project: Eutrophication in Grand Lake, Oklahoma: Nutrient limitation and the effect of internal phosphorus loading.

Current position: Assistant Superintendent Biologist, Grand River Dam Authority, Vinita, OK.


Lindsey Carter (M.S., graduated July 2011) Project: Determining sediment nutrient release rates in central plains reservoirs for use in reservoir management.

Current position: PhD student, University of Mississippi.


Katrina Kirsch (M.S., graduated December 2010) Project: Effects of the invasive zebra mussel on nutrient concentrations and plankton communities in reservoir ecosystems.

Current position: Instructor, Western Wyoming Community College.


Reid Morehouse, PhD (M.S., graduated May 2010) Project: Stoichiometry in a benthic invasive: exploring how stoichiometric imbalances with algal resources affect zebra mussel growth and condition.

Current position: Instructor, Ivy Tech Community College.