Oklahoma State University

Research in Aquatic Ecology

Dzialowski Lab - Oklahoma State University


Research in our lab explores how biotic interactions, resource availability, and anthropogenic disturbances interact to influence the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems. My students and I combine laboratory, observational, and experimental studies to address several major themes:


  • Metacommunity dynamics
  • Ecology of invasive species
  • Zooplankton community structure
  • Ecology and management of cyanobacterial blooms
  • Applied water quality and reservoir management
  • Wetland ecology and management 





We are currently recruiting 1-2 graduate students (masters or PhD) to start in our lab either spring 2019. Potentially areas of research include plankton ecology, invasive species, and/or wetlands. Please email me your interests and a copy of your current cv if you are interested.